Compliance Equals Sustainability
Structured System Allowing
On Demand Training
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Our focus is our clients' success


Pro Script™ provides the hands on training required to develop experts, but eliminates the time involved. Pro Script™ is not a guide. Pro Script™ creates guides. Agents instantly become experts in the HECM program allowing them to walk a senior through the program and provide the education they need.

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Compliance confidence and self-confidence leads to customer confidence and proper product knowledge and placement.

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Inrceased agent and customer engagement are building blocks to a sustainable HECM Division.

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Investing in a sustainable program that works

  • More referrals
  • More Security
  • Wonderful Testimonials

Pro Script™ was designed to bring every representative on your sales floor to the next level. It is like having your best agent on every phone call, every time.

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In the last 6 months the HECM has changed more than it ever has before.

  • Pro Script™ places form and leads the entire sales team in one direction
  • Keeps agents on track by providing a clear blueprint for any conversation
  • Meticulous and consistent updates ensure agents stay ahead of new guidelines
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